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Freeze your stallion forever!

The Advantages of FROZEN SEMEN

  • Frozen semen is convenient. Semen is available at the exact moment the mare is ready to breed.
  • Frozen semen is inexpensive. It ranges from $20 to $50 per dose.
  • Frozen semen is practical. Using frozen semen during show season may allow your stallion to be more competitive.
  • Frozen semen is available. In the event of a stallion’s injury or death, frozen semen provides insurance that you can carry on his bloodline.
  • Frozen semen is shippable. Frozen semen can be shipped anywhere including Internationally.

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Frequently asked Questions

Will my stallion freeze? Most all stallions freeze well, however, some stallions freeze better than others.

How many doses per collection can be expected? Most stallions will produce an average of 15 industry standard doses (500 million breedable sperm cells per dose). Some stallions will yield up to 40 doses. Allendale Farms guarantees 4 doses or there will be no charge.

How is frozen semen stored? Allendale Farms uses ˝ ml straws. (About the size of a coffee stirring straw) The straws are placed in a cane. One cane holds approximately 5 doses. This cane is placed into a larger container called a canister and is lowered into a liquid nitrogen tank. Liquid nitrogen tanks maintain a temperature of –320o F and are similar to a large thermos bottle. Liquid nitrogen tanks are fully self contained and do not require electricity.

Who stores the stallion semen? You can purchase your own liquid nitrogen tank, or use your neighbors. Dairies and cattle farms maintain tanks. Allendale Farms will store semen for a monthly charge.

How long will frozen stallion semen last? Frozen stallion semen is reputed to last thousands of years. Realistically, pregnancies have been achieved with semen that is 15 to 20 years old. Allendale Farms video tapes all thawed semen for future reference.

How is frozen semen used in a breeding program? Allendale Farms will furnish detailed breeding instructions for identifying, thawing and inseminating using your frozen semen. Briefly, the mare is artificially inseminated immediately after ovulation. This will require a few more ultrasounds by a veterinarian.

What are the conception rates using frozen semen? Allendale Farms has had excellent success with frozen semen, equivalent to or slightly less than fresh or cooled semen. The best test for frozen semen is to use it in your breeding program.

Can frozen semen be shipped? Yes, Allendale Farms has special containers used to ship frozen semen.

Does a stallion have to be prepared for the semen freezing process? Stallions in a regular breeding program need very little preparation. Regular breeding improves the amount and quality of frozen semen. Stallions that are not bred on a regular basis or who are only bred naturally will require slightly more preparation.

Where can the stallion semen be frozen? Allendale Farms uses a 14 foot trailer that is equipped for collecting and freezing semen. We are 100% mobile. If processing is handled at your location and your stallion is not accustomed to being collected, you will need to have a jump mare available.

Allendale Farms started in the 1930s, as a family cattle operation. In the 70s Allendale Farms produced some of the finest Beefmaster Bulls in the country. In 1989 we began breeding horses and have become an all breed breeding service, including frozen stallion semen. Our process for freezing semen exceeds industry standards and we’re proud of our results. Frozen semen is the future of the horse industry.

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